Did you suffer significant losses in your investment account in 2008 or later?

We are currently filing such cases but they must be filed soon. Do NOT wait.

Even if you do not have a case, we can explain why your losses occurred - there is no cost.

If your advisor was or is a friend, be assured we respect that and only name the firm.

Most (90%) of our cases settle favorably for our client before any formal hearing is necessary.

There is no reason not to call us. Besides that, we are nice people and easy to talk to!



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REITS and TICS sold for tax purposes which have no liquidity

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Tenant in Common investments are often pitched by investment firms as a way to earn a high return and achieve tax advantages as well. The reality is that these products generate big commissions for the sales person (investment advisor) but often saddle the unsuspecting investor with products with no market value and no liquidity.